The Cancer Book

I was told to buy a notebook to keep track of all the important information I would be getting regarding Rod’s cancer. Rod’s cancer. After being married for a long time there aren’t many things that belong to one or the other of us. This would sometimes annoy me.

I would say something about using Rod’s car and he would correct me that it wasn’t his car but our car and that he just happens to drive it more often. I tell him people need their own things. I tell him we are too close and should have more friends.

Rod’s cancer is in his body but it belongs to us both. There is not one second that I am not thinking of it and choking from the fear of it. He takes a pain pill and I take something for stress.  We take turns getting up throughout…

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One thought on “The Cancer Book

  1. Thank you so much for reposting my blog. Very kind of you. Today we are off for chemo #2. All packed as if leaving for a trip. Much better prepared this time so hoping it goes more smoothly. We battle on together with all the wonderful support from family, friend, and strangers that also seem to care. Very grateful for all the kindness shown. 💕

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